Challenge FAQs

Challenge Background:

  • Who is sponsoring this challenge? The challenge sponsor is the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE). DCoE is a part of the Department of Defense and has a mission to improve the lives of our nation's service members, veterans and their families by advancing excellence in psychological health and traumatic brain injury prevention and care. For more information about DCoE please visit the DCoE website.
  • What is this challenge hoping to accomplish? This challenge is designed to identify gaps in care of patients with PTSD and TBI and the related solution to address this gap. While DCoE has vast experience and expertise in executing its mission it also recognizes that great ideas can come from the outside. DCoE hopes through this challenge to identify gaps and solicit new ideas and solutions by engaging many different and diverse communities to generate, refine, select and implement ideas related to PTSD and TBI.

Challenge Logistics:

  • How do I participate in the Mental Health and TBI Care Challenge? The challenge will begin on May 4.  During this time you can submit your idea, comment on the ideas of others, and vote for your favorites. Note, you do not have to submit an idea in order to leave comments or vote for ideas.  We invite you to sign-up for an IdeaScale account so that you will be registered when the challenge launches.  Registration is free and your information will not be shared.  We will contact registered users once the challenge launches.  
  • What are the key competition dates? The challenge will begin on May 4 and will remain open for four weeks, closing on June 5 (11:59 EDT). Starting May 4 you will have the opportunity to submit your idea, comment on the ideas of others, and vote for your favorites.
  • What are the criteria for the winning ideas? Top submissions will include recommendations for specific areas where DCoE can focus its resources along with actionable solutions that would help people coping with PTSD and/or TBI.
  • Who is eligible to participate in the challenge? Everyone is eligible to participate, including members of the U.S. Armed Forces and , Defense Department employees, and anyone else with a great idea or comment to share.
  • Can one person submit more than one idea? Yes, individuals can submit more than one idea.
  • What information is public and what is private? Any information you post as a solution or as a comment is viewable by the public. This excludes any information provided in your registration form. Personal information is viewable only by the site administrators.
  • Who will own ideas submitted on the platform? Each individual or entity retains title and full ownership in and to their submission and each participant expressly reserves all intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright) in their submission. However, each participant grants to DCoE, and others acting on behalf of DCoE, a royalty-free non-exclusive worldwide license to use, copy for use, and display publicly all parts of the submission for the purposes of the challenge. This license may include posting or linking to the submission on the official DCoE website and making it available for use by the public.
  • How will ideas be used by DCoE? DCoE will use the information provided by participants to inform and guide future research and the development of new products and services related to PTSD and TBI.
  • What happens to my idea if it is selected as a winner? All entries will be evaluated using the criteria that will be available upon challenge launch, see Judging Process. All winners will be notified once selected.
  • When will we know which idea(s) are the winners? Once winners are notified, DCoE will announce the winning solutions to all registered solvers.