Judging Process and Evaluation Criteria

DCoE leadership will evaluate all entries using the criteria listed below. They will announce the winners before June 30. DCoE will use the information provided via submissions to help inform further research and new products and services related to psychological health and traumatic brain injury concerns.

The following factors will be used to evaluate the ideas:

  • Mission Impact: The degree of positive effect that the idea is expected to have on the larger DCoE mission (to improve the lives of our nation's Service members, veterans and their families by advancing excellence in psychological health and traumatic brain injury prevention and care)
  • Feasibility: Extent to which DCoE could implement the solution technically, procedurally and operationally
  • Significance: Extent to which the idea effectively addresses a critical unmet need for those living with PTSD and/or TBI (or extent of the damage that would take place if the problem remains unsolved)
  • Return on Investment: The potential impact of the idea relative to the effort of implementation
  • Reach and/or depth: Extent to which the solution will reach a large number of people
  • Innovative Approach: Extent to which the solution is unique and has not been done before
  • Endorsements (Votes): Judges will take into account the number of endorsements and comments for each submission. Positive comments that are specific and describe why the submission is innovative and viable are especially valuable for judging purposes